Arsinoe de Thrace

Arsinoe de Thrace


In respect of new additions to Arsinoe de Thrace Collection, I had the opportunity to produce a few more fashion images during two successive photo shoots, one in Thessaloniki and the other in my personal studio.

I ought to acknowledge the precious helping hand of the one and only Cornilia Sidira, a well respected photographer from Thessaloniki, who voluntarily offered to be my assistant by holding flash lights, carrying bags, or even test posing for composition. Together, we produced some awesome images that managed to keep my customers more than happy. 

Locations: The Met Hotel Thessaloniki, personal studio.

Models: Eva Meyer Cording, Marlene Gantt, Anastasia Voskanidou

Assistant: Xanthippe Nanou

Make up Artists: Maria Alexiadou, Iliana Nenoglou