Arsinoe De Thrace

Arsinoe De Thrace


I first met the stunning face of Eleftheria while she was at her work that had nothing to do with fashion or modelling. I was so impressed that I decided on the spot to create as soon as possible some sort of a concept that would suit her unique facial characteristics.  It didn't take long to realise that Eleftheria as a model could easily impersonate an ancient Greek woman, preferably one with an aristocratic status.

A few weeks later, I was asked to photograph a single dress for the launch of Arsinoe de Thrace's latest collection, which is clearly based on Ancient history of Samothrace and the  silk produced in Thrace. On my behalf, then was a single rule: We had to forget the agencies and use Eleftheria as a model, after I managed persuading her to leave her daily routine, trust my instincts, and pose in front of the lens in order to produce some photographs for a fashion collection with international aspirations. It was one of the most enjoyable jobs since the model turned up to be a great talent, the conditions where super ideal and the circumstances more than favourable.

Model: Eleftheria

Adt collection designer: Katja Heidrich

Styling: Katerina Saakidou

Make up artist: Valasia PV

Photographer's Assistant: Xanthippe Nanou