What is your work approach? Why don’t you offer video?

Ι limit the number of commissions I photograph in a year so I can give each the attention, love and care it deserves. I, personally, photograph each one of my projects and I do it for its entire duration. I typically accept a single wedding commission every weekend, with a few exceptions during prime dates. This ensures I deliver the best possible experience to my clients. I am a photographer, not a videographer. I believe that videography is an art on its own that should stay away from commercial tactics such us all inclusive packages. If you are looking for a videographer, I can put you in contact with some independent professionals who truly care about their work and I am comfortable to work with.

What is your style? Can we see a full work, not just highlights?

Putting it briefly into words, my goal is to unobtrusively, truthfully and artfully document your wedding day. There is a period of time where I will work with you and your families to create your portraits. Beyond that, I won’t ask you to do anything that day. I simply want to capture your personality and those of your family and your friends. Oh, and I do all this alone. I have found that by doing so I am less obvious and more able to capture spontaneous moments. I would advise requesting to browse through a complete project of mine so that to decide whether my photography matches your style. Of course, every assignment is unique, as yours will be, but my approach is more or less the same for all.

Do you have a studio? Do you travel for weddings or portrait sessions?

I have two studios! One for meetings and deliveries, the other one as my personal creative hideout. However, about 90% of my jobs are away from my base. So far I travelled to the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, and to most Greek destinations. Commissions for next year will introduce me Dubai, Germany, Finland and Sweden. Cover my travel exepences and I can come for your big day to the other side of the world. 

Do you offer albums? Why should I have one?

Yes I do! Although nowadays full resolution digital files do the job for most, there is something about an album that lends itself to a special kind of sharing and permanence with your most important images. I can certainly custom design an album for your story, whether it is a single image per page photo book, or a more robust coffee table album.

What gear do you use?

Does it matter? If it were a pinhole camera enabling me to do what I do, I’d use it! As long as you love the final product, it doesn’t matter at all. And yes, I have back up equipment for everything! This is one of the best days in your life. It cannot be ruined because of some technical issues.

How long does it take to receive our photos? How many are they going to be? Will they be photoshoped?

Delivery time varies depending on the month of the year. April - June assignments can expect to have their images within 4-6 weeks. July through October commissions will be delivered 8-12 weeks after. I average 800-1000 images at weddings. For a portrait session it can be anything between 100 - 200 images. I correct tones and colours of all images you get. I don't retouch any of them.

Will we get full size printable images? Do I own copyright of my photos?

Yes you will! I include full size digital files in all my packages. Practically speaking, the photographs are yours to do with what you want, for personal purposes, not commercial. And thank you in advance for using watermarked images (or supplying a photo credit when posting online). Technically, I will always retain copyright of your images, as I am their creator.

All you do is weddings? Don’t you get borred?

Once in a while I get the pleasure of photographing Baptisms, family portraits, architecture, travels and some personal projects, but weddings is my growing passion. However, each year I will take some periodic breaks to catch my breath and refresh my creativity. A couple of trips in the winter will do the trick. Otherwise weddings are able to offer me the opportunity to see unfamiliar places, meet unfamiliar people, shoot the familiar in unfamiliar ways. I am a sucker for the unfamiliar… and cake! Maybe cake is the reason I love weddings so much!

How do we book? What if you are not available for our date?

Easy! Simply contact me along with your basic details, e.g. date and location of your event, and I will arrange a meeting, so we can get to know each other a little better. If distances don’t allow us to do this, don’t worry as most of my clients book me without meeting me in person. Maybe a Skype meeting, or a phone call is the way to go, whatever makes you more comfortable. If you feel happy with what you hear and see, then we can proceed with the booking. I book on a first-come, first-served basis. A deposit and a signed agreement are required to secure the date. If I am not available and you still want me to participate in some way, then there is another chance to work together. I could photograph your wedding portraits at your favourite location, right after your wedding day, offering my perspective of your happy moments.